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To foxhound...
I agree with the respawn comment!

I'm Not saying we should blow everything up or smash windows or whatever!!!
What I am saying is In the real deal we would seak ways to use the terrain at our Disposal To OUR ADVANTAGE in ways we can not in airsoft....

there will always be rooms out of bounds or buildings your not aloud in our a road one can not use do to RULES made by the game staff or by the owner!!!

Which limit the amount of movement and tactics one team can use....
I'm not saying there is a way around this... im just stating MilSim can and will only be The way it has been ran 9/10 wasy in the past, in most ways do to the RESTRICTIONS on WEAPONS and the RESTRICTIONS on MOVEMENT. Plus the DAMAGING of PROPERTY in a slight form, And the safety of everyone!!
I'm just stating the way it has been played in canada in the past is probable the way it will reamain do to these facts

I dont know how i can say it any better!!

M102404 You basically get what im trying to say!!

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