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Interesting comments on the Milsim. That said on the Cammo issue, I have to add it depends on what field you are playing at. Our field you could be wearing a red "tu-tu" and you wont be easily identified. Radio communication is more key. As such I do not divide up teams with cammo as this might not be an even battle due to skill level etc. I use arm bands. Guys bitch, for the first few miuntes, but shortly after I often hear, "thank god for the arm band, I almost shot my own guy".

Look at this picture below. I am standing up wearing a purple golf shirt waiving.

To me, I am now focusing on doing events that are SIMPLE and I do my best to drill the rules through everyones heads. I spend a great deal of time going to the field the day before the game and seriously plan out the distance advantage, elevation, etc.

In addition, I now force each team to go to the other side and spend 15-20 minutes in a hold pattern after the rules are given. THEN the horn goes.
This allows time for the teams mates who in many case just met to settle down, stop talking about anything else but the objective. From the feedback I have been getting it has helped.

Is it "milsim" no. Do I see the faces of guys after the game ready to drop around 3pm?


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