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I laugh at people who always rage about getting the high fps weapons, AEG or rifle alike. Totally not needed as long as you have a good hop-up and you actually KNOW how to shoot. I like the quick scoping remark by ap27. Cracked me up..

Originally Posted by JerryMcGoulBerry View Post
I recently visited Buyairsoft in red deer and there was a ton of kids aged 10-14 buying airsoft guns with the money in there parents wallet. every single one of them wanted a sniper, and of course, every single one of them wanted the one with the highest FPS. I highly doubt any of them were going to go play an organized skirmish with them, most of them looked like plinkers. so why not just get a BB gun? I dont get it!

why do you guys think snipers attracked the young crowd so much?
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