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I ran a eod / rcxd/ UGV /whatever you want to call it at rhino

I fully expected people to shoot at it - which is why i made it "BB--Proof"

it was pretty easy to disable in a non destructive way. all you had to do was flip it. every op-for who where able to do so was pretty cool with it too, and made funny gestures in the camera when they caught it. (I'm glad nobody mooned me, I was also expecting that to happen haha)

If I were to run a UAV I would also fully expect people to shoot at it. and I would probably also make it "BB--Proof"

in my opinion if it can effectively kill opponents and has absolutely no way for safe disabling it should not be used in game.

Originally Posted by mmmken View Post
I can understand that if there was a way to disable the defensive device without damaging it, it would not be physically destroyed. However, in the case when an individual brings a device with no real way to disable it except by actual destruction - what is the proper call here when game control/hosts have not set ROE's for such a incident?

Examples of this:

- a sentry gun that autonomously targets and fires upon enemies;
- a floodlight to deny cover;
- the only way in to a building is locked or barricaded;
- a flying uav for recon;
- a eod bot or rcxd.

Is it right to take a UAV down by shooting at it? It's the only way to disable it but by shooting it, it'll probably be permanently damaged. Where do we draw the line? Unless these are prohibited by the game hosts, they should either have mechanisms for safe disabling or be allowed to be destroyed if brought to a game.

This is why I started this thread.
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