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Milsim Section? Skirmish Section?

Hi folks,

I've been very busy lately, and I've been unable to read the posts in detail, or at length, for about a month or so. I just sat down and thought I'd read some threads, and I saw some friction between people, again.

To sum up, I noticed that certain players have completely different views on the sport than others, and after reading further responses, I'd say that there is a definitive line seperating two groups. Namely;

Milsim enthusiasts, and
Skirmish enthusiasts.

Without getting into the merits of each type of airsoft gameplay, would it be resonable to suggest that moderators could consider splitting the game/event thread into Skirmish and Milsim titles? It seems pretty easy on the surface; if straight skirmishing is your thing, venture through the Skirmish section, otherwise you can venture through the Milsim section if 24hr ops satisfy you.

I think this would also help in keeping the discussions in perspective. To be really truthful about it, I know fuck all about the day to day dealings that go on within this board, but I recognize passion and drive, as well as discomfort and skepticism. Doesn't anybody else?

Moderators: How feasible would this be? Do you think that I've made a fair assumption? Is this reasonable?

In the end, I believe that this would be a positive step towards positive gameplay. I respectfully submit this suggestion to the moderators. Those are my thoughts. Thank you.
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