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Everyone wants something different in their airsoft, and thats ok...

personally I like to make it as real as possible then substitute fun or easier ideas when and where possible/

camo has to be strict, not to the smallest detail, just clearly defined colors. (tan vs green, black vests vs the rest) Sure, in a real milsim you might have to analyze your target. But that isnt fun. Its like playing basketball with everyone wearing different jerseys.

it really helps when game control are the leaders of opposing sides, this way they can discuss issues during the game on the radio and change things on the fly, or make up objectives on the spot without the knowledge of anyone in the game. (ie an order gets sent to recon somewhere, when in reality the leader didnt want you to find something that you might have stumbled into too early)

ammo caps, some people hate them, but they are important, really cuts back on blind firing and friendly fire. This is the biggest part that separates milsim from skirmish. every shot counts. Personally the bests games Ive played happened to be the ones where I fired the least.

have a main objective, and have multiple ways to obtain this objective so that different tasks can be given to multiple groups. keeps everyone busy.

The player pool matters, but when you get a group of guys who are really motivated it will rub off on the usuall slackers and chairsofters enough to keep them in the game. When people stop caring it rubs off on everyone, and brings the mood down, dont do it.

but the most important is the venue. It has to be enabled to play in multiple ways. It has to be big, and have spots that can be taken from any direction in multiple of ways.

just a couple of things...

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