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Originally Posted by HackD View Post
The other aspect of airsoft purposes UAV, is how persistent would it be in the sky? I would think that the range in-air between battery charges would be limited.

Even if it was a valid ROE to shoot it down, rather than taking the risk of pissing someone off that owns the thing, wouldn't it just be wise to go under cover, or delay an advance/movement until it runs out of juice in 15 or 20 minutes?
I used to have an AR.Drone that would run for about 12 minutes before it would be out of batteries. Flying it was a challenge against the winds.

A sentry gun was brought up in one of the game threads and several players expressed that they would not hesitate to kick it down to disable it. Having heard that, I have no doubts that the same group of individuals would have no qualms of shooting it down (which would be of a lesser "moral decision" over kicking something down).

Devices like these only enhance the game experience if deployed and managed properly, along with any other "milsim" shenanigans listed in this thread - as long as everyone is properly informed before the game starts. The ambiguity of whether not to shoot, or damage devices is what keeps these game enhancers from appearing at games.

I think a portion of the rules in game threads should address proper ROE's and game etiquette. I think these points have just as much importance to safety rules and probably even more so since we all know the rough FPS safe limits, proper eye protection, and the sort.
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