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Originally Posted by Janus View Post
Realistically speaking, a proper surveillance UAV is far outside of rifle range. One that would be used for airsoft would not be, but to simulate the "eyes in the sky" experience they should be considered out of bounds for firing at.

Very little that is troop carried would take one down in reality, but if some asshole wants to bring an airsoft Javelin to the field, if he can target it he should be able to "disable" it, at referee discretion. Of course, effectiveness relies completely on the cost of said "Javelin" vs UAV.

But that is just how I would handle it as a ref/organizer.
The other aspect of airsoft purposes UAV, is how persistent would it be in the sky? I would think that the range in-air between battery charges would be limited.

Even if it was a valid ROE to shoot it down, rather than taking the risk of pissing someone off that owns the thing, wouldn't it just be wise to go under cover, or delay an advance/movement until it runs out of juice in 15 or 20 minutes?
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