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Why you should play at this game..

I am not entirely sure if it's kosher to post this outside the game and event schedule, but I have a few points to make and I know most people just skim the game and event section.

This game is going to be awesome. Why? The last shallow lake (in may) was one of, if not the best ,milsim games I have ever played. The field is fantastic and is the perfect balance of dense and sparse woodland area, including areas where you can shoot out to max effective range of your gun. Not an overwhelmingly huge field but big enough you can't wonder off lost for hours. Shallow lake is a wicked venue, and ladytresses is an organized and fair host who can design and execute a great game.

This field, and the host, are not as popular as they deserve to be. I am giving my recommendation to the community to consider attending this game and for those of you that were there... back me up on this! I want to see more games here and if you're on the fence on going.. get your ass out here. The field is located near Owen Sound (Ontario) so its not too far of a haul for you GTA types. If you're not entirely satisfied with the current standard of milsim offerings in Ontario, this is a great alternative.
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