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is it my computor or is it showing brennan has been a member since 2006 and just starting now??? lol Well at least you finally pulled the trigger. Airsoft, IMO is way better then paintball and you will love it, as long as your stuff works. WE is a great gun, I have a few of them but wow if they dont like a bb and it gets broken inside it is one tittie fucker to get apart sometimes. so you have to keep up on maintainance for sure.

do not get a king arms. best bang for the buck but the best odds to bust. I think you really should get a quality AEG as recommended by Affliction. Then save for the gas. I have lots of both types, and i would go to a game with just aeg's but i would never go to a game with just a gbb. not to mention the mags are gonna add up
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