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Originally Posted by Janus View Post
9 days would be long enough to use battlefield exhaustion as a weapon against the opponents. Think of it like trolling the enemy. You make sure they don't get ANY sleep and you run your team in shifts, bumping the enemy every 45 minutes. Demoralizing as fuck.

With a game THAT long, you could use things like that. It becomes more about leadership and strategy than who has the best AEG. I like it.
You are right. And GBBR would be an even better choice to really bother your enemy. If I had 9 days to spare I would go to this game, sounds awesome.

Regarding the points raised by mmmken:
Switching sides and camo should be clearly stated in the rules.
Last year I've specifically asked a host if I can wear a different camo, completely different from opposing teams, just to mess with the enemy and I got denied. But at the same game another team has done it (which pissed off a lot of people too).. So.. state the rules and dont change them.

Due to the lack of player base switching side and counter intel is not really needed because scenarios are not "big" enough.. 98% of the missions in Canadian milsims are: "Go to A, pick up object B, extract to C".. You dont need a spy. As Dirtbag said, sniper will just report that a force is going to direction of A, go and intercept them.
Same with PMCs, game are not big/complex/long enough to make commanders take risk of trusting PMCs and allying with them after a betrayal..
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