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Just my 2

I am originally from Alberta and have participated in one day milsim events with my father, a former tanker with the Strathconas, and these were all run predominantly by military personel. I was young at the time, but from my memory it was the closest experience to combat in airsoft that I've seen. Now granted that these were mostly military personel with previous combat experience that were participating in, and running the events, they were smoothly run, had multiple, but simple objectives, and took place in a variety of settings ranging from grass and woodland to mock urban sets. I'm no expert on running a milsim event, nor any airsoft event for that matter, but from what I have seen I think some true military involvement in the planning and even operation of the event is an invaluable asset. It allows the people running the event to have a different and professional take on how set objectives could or should be taken, allows for real world tactics to be infused into the match, and ultimately allows for the "this would never go down in real life" statements to be said. I know most airsoft enthusiasts are simple people looking for something to get their rocks off, but there are of course military personel present and participating in many events across the country. Although I may get flamed for this, but maybe some of these guys should talk to their COs and discuss the possibility of military involvement, whether heavily involved or simply for advisory reasons, with some of these milsim style events. Many senior military members who arent involved in airsoft or simply dont know of airsoft would be apprehensive in doing so, but there are many examples in the US and the UK of fully military run events that work well, are structured, and run without hazard. Not to be the goof that states the obvious, but the Scoutthedoggie channel on YouTube has a multitude of videos that display this perfectly, and while many of these videos are not displays of true milsim, they work, and they work well. Aaannyyways, I digress..

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