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On your short list below switching camo is rarely done, in a general warfare situation which is what a milsim is. That will lead to the elimination of those people by friendlies.

Destruction of assets are generally mission objectives with a "SIM" purpose. Although we have had laying of minefields and destruction of bridges, as options for teams.

Switching of factions /double agents are usually not worth doing, intelligence gathering is a recon/sniper role and should be tasked to those players.

The Merc/PMC thing just gets those guys killed by everyone after the 1st time they switch, although having them a asset that is added later could be interesting.

As to big sims, to run a 5 day sim becomes a business activity, it needs a solid dedicated staff to setup and run the event and clean up after. As well as the space, and space is the bigger issue here. You are looking at a large piece of property, that is privately owned. Crown land leases while theoretically available can be time consuming to get. And even if you do the entire boundary would have to be posted to prevent inadvertent non-player access.

I think it is mostly a case of player base we just don't have the numbers in any one area, I use a five to one so if i want 200 players I have to assume I have a base of 1000, with in reasonable driving distance say 10 hours.
That is pretty tough in most areas.

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When I made this thread, I actually wanted to address the boundaries of milsims and not "kitting appropriately". Many of these boundaries are huge controversies on the AAR's.

Some examples would be:

- the destroying of unattended defensive assets to disable them;
- switching camo to avoid detection (as this happens in real warfare);
- counter-intelligence tactics: switching factions and double agents;
- a team signed up as PMC's switching factions that give the most benefit (or cash in real warfare);

These are just some of the many examples that continue to cause butt hurts in AAR's because they have not been formally addressed by game hosts. I think the definition of what a "milsim" is widely understood, but it is the extreme boundaries of a milsim that needs to be clarified.
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