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Originally Posted by ShelledPants View Post
That event does look amazing, and researching to see if I can attend, the costs are as such:

1-4 days is $165
5-9 days the cost is $200
Day time players pay a fixed rate of $25 per day apart from day 1 and day 9

Total cost for full immersion is $365 for 9 days. Still an awesome deal. Would like to attend. Will talk to team.
Thank you for the correction - it was in the wee hours of the AM that i read the sign-up costs. For those into this sort of game play, it definitely appears to be good value for the dollar given the range and variety of terrain- the stringent equipment requirements, not so much. As Ozone06 and KingSix mentioned, it's hard enough to get commonality in BDU's per team requirements here.

Originally Posted by Drake View Post
Usually the supporting elements should also be as realistic as possible: realcaps (or at least no hicaps), realistic tasking/mission objectives, etc. First and foremost the point is NOT just to get kills, it's to accomplish a given task. Shooting is just one of the many tools at your disposal (and often is not the best course of action). So players who are just out to rack up trigger time need not apply.

Extra props, complex scenarios, matching kit, etc all enhance what should be an immersive experience.

But it would be wrong to think that these elements alone equal milsim: you could have all that and only have a very lavish skirmish. Or you could have simple skirmish-like "drills" which are extremely milsim.
As per what constitutes a milsim - I would think that the definition would really vary from player, to player and event to event. Even being defined by period of historical representation, as portrayed in any given event.

I've played 'milsim' type flight simulators (even built a pretty realistic 'simpit' at one point) and even if you get real close to it.. it's still not, and never will be the same as the real thing (I have pilots in the family to catch rides with) .. it's always going to be a facsimile of the real thing.

Milsim, skirmish, or not.. 750 acres and the sheer amount of variables involved with time, place, location, immersion, whether to attack, defend, retreat, reconnoiter etc etc.. in an opposing team environment, would trump the average 10-15 acre skirmish event every time, at least for me. I don't really need to know a definition of milsim, if immersion with a credible suspension of disbelief is working for me, in the course of participation.

Perhaps we have some time to go in Canada yet, before these sort of USA/European mass participant "milsim" style events will come to pass. Pity.

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