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MP7 AEP Takedown

Hey guys, I'm working on a slight upgrade/visual update project here.

In 2009 I picked up an umarex mp7a1 marui clone AEP. Clear plastic body, but high quality. It was just a toy at the time, but now that I've actually into the sport, I wanted to pretty it up for cqb games.

I ordered a Well black plastic mp7 body from Depot. I had done some research and it would appear that the Well, Umarex and Marui electric MP7s all have the same construction, but obviously some *ahem* are of a higher quality than others etc as far as internals went.

Essentially, I am trying to switch the body of the gun entirely, because painting it tends to look like garbage when I do it. Something I did not find during my research was a full dismantling video or picture log for the gun, and my local shop's gun doctor apparently has no experience with that particular gun.

My question is: Does anyone? Do you have any experience with the mp7 aep? Have you ever had to take it apart completely? Any tips, tricks? I found one video that went as far as taking the gearbox out. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
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