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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
That sounds much better.

I was always impressed with the externals and the feel of Systema guns. They're pretty wicked. I just saw way too many of them break down to, IMO, justify the cost. It's like owning a Jag... nice car, and you can always drive it... as long as you have two of them lol.

If Systema has fixed their reliability issues I may have to take a look at some of the newer models.
Systema hasn't really fixed the issue just cosmetic cures if you could even call them that, any issue that I have with my PTW has been eliminated by swapping the parts to a FCC unit so much so that almost none of PTW is stock anymore and the FCC stuff is so impressive that I dove in and purchased awhole complete PTW from them. I understand that to some this might be excessive for spending an additional $1.5K on a $1K toy gun but at least I know my shit will work when I need it.

To the OP sorry for the Thread jack but my only advice to you is wait on any impulse purchase, I know it's easier said than done but like Danke has said previously the tech in airsoft world evolve and within two years when you are actually of age who knows there might be something else that is better than the top of teh line stuff we have today.
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