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Never admitting a mistake and launching a tweaked version of a problematic item with some of the rough edges filed off is a very Japanese business model.

As for waiting to buy; that is the very best thing to do. You can't see the classifieds here but they are full of guns from people who got an AEG, had it sit under their bed for a few years and now that they're old enough to get in an organized game they're busy with school, or into cars, or discovered girls.

They're now selling this gun and trying to recover their cash. They have no network of friends who play since they never got to a game. The prices of new AEGs have dropped and in some cases what was a go to gun is now obsolete because someone else released a better version.

The super nice electric TM MP7 that was mainstay seller has now been replaced by the KWA MP7. I truly feel sorry for anyone trying to sell their expensive tweaked AEP now because no one wants one. No one at all. In two years time the gas TM MP7 might overshadow the KWA version.

If you're in the game and playing concerns like that might not bug you (but they probably will), but if you discover airsoft isn't for you or you move to a new town where there are no other players it will be a problem.

You'll just be another guy with no trader rating trying to pump out a ridiculous overpriced package deal begging for someone to buy it and put you out of your misery.
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