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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
That sounds much better.

I was always impressed with the externals and the feel of Systema guns. They're pretty wicked. I just saw way too many of them break down to, IMO, justify the cost. It's like owning a Jag... nice car, and you can always drive it... as long as you have two of them lol.

If Systema has fixed their reliability issues I may have to take a look at some of the newer models.
Thats pretty much why I am actually going to wait two years because hopefully by then they smarten the hell up, If not then who knows what ill aim to buy.

Edit: I don't want the Ptw because I am a fanboy and think its the best, I want a Ptw because it just is a kind of gun i want but in two years i can assure you it wont be my first gun so i can afford mags, gun rails and what not. personally all i'm going to be looking for in two years is a good M4 or C7. Ptw is not the best choice just a gun i will consider.

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