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Originally Posted by wildcard View Post
You haven't seen the new FCC PTW, my new 2012 M16 internals has been fully retrofitted with FCC parts, not only does it run better It's moisture proof and when compared to other 2012 it's quieter and the motor does not heat up like the new 2012. The thing that got me very dissapointed at Systema is their pride instead of admiting that they fucked up and made improvements on the 490 motor, their QC of late and the horrible electronics they launch the mad max version, WTF??? really do we need another potential problematic PTW that run at higher rpm and fps? No how about taking charge again and make your products better instead of launching hyped up version of teh old stuff.
That sounds much better.

I was always impressed with the externals and the feel of Systema guns. They're pretty wicked. I just saw way too many of them break down to, IMO, justify the cost. It's like owning a Jag... nice car, and you can always drive it... as long as you have two of them lol.

If Systema has fixed their reliability issues I may have to take a look at some of the newer models.

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