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Smile Used G &G Prograde MP5-SD6?

Hi everybody
After browsing the site for the past six months, I decided to become a member. I have a pretty good understanding of airsoft, so I've been looking for my first AEG.
First off, I know I'm underage but I play airsoft -airsoft, not crapsoft- responsibly and I want to move up from my Bravo Tri-Shot to something a bit more reliable for games. Since I can't checktheclassifieds, I started looking on kijiji, hoping to find an ASC member who posted there. So I found a G&G Prograde MP5-SD6 for $300 with An installed crawler barrel and a few other assecories. I've checked The forum for posts on it, but I can't find anything about it. Is it a good starter platform and AEG, with the few problems, or a problematic gun?
I'm leaving off to my lake now for the week, so I won't be able to reply for about a week.
Thanks inadvance.
I'll be playing outdoors till I'm 18.
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