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Okay, just updating on the Masada's situation.

I received it in the mail a few days ago, put about 500 BB's through it and it is running perfectly fine with the downgraded spring and the 9.6v 1600mAh battery. My only complaint is that the safety is a little loose, however I'll figure how to fix that on my own.

Now, I have a few questions...

One, is it safe to wrap a battery in black electrical tape? The one I have is blue and it is visible through the forward section of the Masada, so I hope the tape will resolve the visibility issue. In addition to that, it is a nunchuck battery so fiddling with 2 sticks is a pain in the butt.

Secondly, I was looking through eHobbyAsia and saw that the Magpul PTS P-Mag 120s are only $19.80 per mag if I buy 8 or more (and I plan to buy 10). That is quite a good deal compared to the $27-$38 per mag in Canada. Now, my question is, can I import the mags without a problem from customs? I know that they should be fine to come across our boarders as they are only airsoft. Plus they do not have the window with the fake bullets visible, however I wish to know if anybody has had any personal experiences with this kind of thing.

And finally, I picked up a Magpul PTS P-Mag 120 from a local surplus store to test it out. After loading it and going about 10 rounds into the mag, it started to misfeed. The mag feeds fine when I hold it upside down, however there is an issue otherwise. I've tried pushing the mag upwards into the Masada, and moving it every which way to see if it needs to be shimmed, but that makes no difference in the misfeeding. Any idea of what is going on here, or of how to fix it?

Any answers/help will be much appreciated.


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