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Originally Posted by SuperHog View Post
This same player that does not wear face protection shrugs off hits to his body and keeps playing.
Then it is your duty as a player to confront the player, and involve the game host immediately.

Not doing so is poor sportsmanship on your part as well as you are witness to the game being ruined and did not report it and confront your fellow player.

That is to say, don't call someone out, or call their hits for them. But if there is a point where a player is CLEARLY shrugging hits (friend or foe), call yourself out of play, and confront the player, ask them to join you for a walk to respawn / game control and remedy the situation.

Originally Posted by Reignman View Post mean this guy?
Please watch video.

Haha, not specifically...

I actually joked with the guy if it was ok to body check him due to the padding. He ok'd it. So he's good in my books.

Originally Posted by GWoolfrey View Post
Pet peeve... people complaining about face shots.
-It going to happen. (This is a contact sport where your being SHOT AT)
-Accept it.
-Wear protection.
-Mercy shots are part of the rules. People won't shoot you in the face at close range. Otherwise, call them on it.
In games I host and help host, mercy rules are a courtesy and not mandatory, nor are they required to be accepted (unless you accept it, then you are dead as if shot). For instance, mercy in CQB (TTAC3) does not exist. It is too close and too fast to go through the motions to mercy. Just shoot. Which is how it should be.

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