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Originally Posted by SuperHog View Post
A player that does NOT wear face or head protection and warns the players before the game not to shoot him in the face.
It's a courtesy not to shoot players in the head when they provide other locations for a hit.

Protection is up to the player, so long as their eye pro is validated by the field. Ear, mouth, cheek guards and helmets are all player choice. Personally I only wear a helmet if I'm FIBUA or it's night and I have my NODs. Ear guards block your situational awareness, and too much shit on your face causes a lot of fogging with goggles.

My pet peeve is when a player comes out armored to the tits. And I don't just mean those few players in full Crye (repro) armor, but when I see "that guy" with knee pads on his shoulders and forearms and half a goalies armor on the legs, and a wire mesh fencing helmet, there is a certain point where they are taking the piss and just don't like to call/feel hits. I've played in a rich CQB environment (at <350 and 400+ fps) and I'll be honest, it doesn't hurt that bad; grow up.

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