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I see MANY forums where a general discussion becomes an attack on people..and most usually from the experienced members (who should know better) Like the WE SCAR discussion thread where **** was attacking **** called him a "sniveling, lazy, twerp"... it was a discussion thread! Why attack?! (And thats only one thread from MANY) Why waste your time and energy to attack someone for asking for help.....Think about that for a second..... I'm SO TIRED of reading threads just turn into people attacking each other for asking simple questions. As far as I'm concerned. Don't embarrasse the community by commenting. There is no such thing as a stupid question, just stupid answers. Grow the f*** up people. If I'm reading a forum, its because I'm trying to learn something, or because I'd like to get help. I don't want to read some childish arguement over "oooh.. go look it up"?!?!?!!! Don't comment. Theres nothing wrong with the answer being written down twice somewhere. (I googled the question, and instead of getting an answer, I find an arguement?! Come on guys....really now.) Help or click the close tab and move on with your life. We don't need your advise if its not productive. Admin should be deleting comments that arent productive to the conversation. And give a tap on the knuckles to those who should know better. Thats my airsoft "Pet Peeve"
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