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I second what everyone said so far, one extra bit of kit that at least one person in the squad should bring...
a spray bottle with water and tea tree oil. I am not sure what the vegetation is like in Ontario but we have pretty serious tick problems here and the last thing you need is to have a tick latched onto you during the first few hours of the milsim. It will sap you of all your energy and potentially give you very serious diseases.

I can't remember the ratio but I think it's something like 10 drops of tea tree oil for every 250ml. spray onto any part of you that will be near or on top of the ground. Spray your boots, your pants (tuck them into your boots as well) and maybe your arms and butt. Ticks hate it and will not get near you.

And also keep an emergency foil blanket. they are only the size of a few credit cards stacked up when it's all folded up but it might save you from hypothermia.

And if possible, bring back up eye protection. You never know. Maybe you got the jump on a sniper and he reacted and shot you with too hot a gun and too close a range. It would suck to sit out the rest of the sim because you didn't have back up safety gear.

Edit: forgot one thing.. don't drink or eat anything that will require a washroom break half way into your first mission (ie coffee, taco bell, hot pockets...etc)
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