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Thanks for the post guys. Yes I understand receivers and prohibited length barrels are a no go.

I just wanted to know if there would be customs fees involved so I can cost out a project accordingly. Im trying to see if its worth it to build my dream gun. Justifying $200 to the misses is not to big a challenge. 250+ well thats a little harder.

Your telling me about UPS. I had to learn the hard way buying a knife from the states. Those dickheads at UPS wanted 50% of the value of the knife. Although I did talked them down from $45 in brokerage to give me 10 refund. And then called and complained and got them to give me another $10 back. But still fuck UPS.

Sorry, another quick question:

This hybrid barrel should be fine correct? Shouldnt have any problems since it is just a piece of steel afterall.

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