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Originally Posted by R.I.T.Z View Post
age verifiers are volunteers, and we have lives outside ASC
I don't mean to offend you or any age verifiers, I know you are all volunteers and have more important thinks to do. I really appreciate your work that makes this community a better place, I mean it. But it is a little confusing when I sent my application (in form if a PM) to an age verifiers and don't see any reply in several weeks. I don't know if the application is lost due to some server error, wrong setup, or alien activity, or the age verifiers received but missed it, or the application is received and is in the process of waiting for next meeting. It would be nice if I can get something like "Yes, I got your PM, just wait for the next meeting" so I know that my application is now processing.
That's all I was trying to mean in the previous post. Again I don't mean to complain or offend any age verifiers (Sorry if my previous post is offending) , I am just a little puzzled about how this thing is going. I really appreciate the volunteering work of all the age verifiers.
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