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Originally Posted by MadMorbius
Incidentally, I keep seeing people bring up some ludicrous idea about an AEG registry. Nobody on the OASA side of this discussion has tabled, or far as I'm aware even supports such an initiative. Drop it from the whole conversation, because it's a non-starter. We've had that discussion before, and it's never been a generally accepted strategy.
I think the only think the OASA is concerned about is making sure the field limits are consistently observed and to somehow reduce chrony time. Plantation now has two chronies and for big games and have two OCs doing check-in and chronying to try and reduce lag time. Also having a 'camp whip' who runs around and gets people to bomb up and get shit done during lag time seems to work well, so that when you need to finally do the briefing, everyone is ready.

I am open to ideas on how to do this, but serializing and registering guns simply won't work for a whole ton of reasons, let alone just the stigma of the Canadian Gun Registry.
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