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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
You should really chrono that gun, especially if you're going to be shooting at people with it.
Yup! Now that I know the blasted thing works, I'll be doing a lot of tinkering well before I take it out anywhere. Chronoing is the first order of business, but there's a lot of things besides airsoft I need to take care of as well.

Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
you should've gotten the 9.6v L battery specifically for p90s

What you will need is the extended rubber buttplate that replaces the slide hatch plate. Depending on how much battery there is vs how much slide plate, you could dremmel a little out, but it's not recommended.

One thing to check is at the bottom of the battery compartment (with the business end pointing at the floor), there is an extra lip you can break off that won't effect the strength of the body, this will get you a few more mm to work with. There's a thread I believe somewhere on asc that shows how to get rid of it.. you need to modify a screw driver or find a slotted one to get in there and straddle it to break it off.
Noted! I was going to buy an L or J shaped battery for this thing, but all the places that had sane shipping were sold out - I just needed a mini battery that would arrive reasonably fast, before the gun's warranty expired. I needed to see if the gun was going to work or not within the timespan of a week or two, and this battery accomplished that. I'll probably get an L battery once the internet re-stocks, lol

As for the buttplate, the battery I have now only sticks out a teeny-tiny bit, and the part that actually sticks out is the small grouping of wires at the end. Shaving off a bit of plastic should do the trick and leave a mm or two to spare. There is also a set of KS rubber buttplates ( ) I can get that have a space behind the plate (that the CA plate does not have) for just such an occasion, and it only costs about 10 bucks for two of these, so even if one of those needs to be filed down and breaks in the process, I'm only out a fiver and I haven't ruined the stock stock plate for when I eventually upgrade to an L battery. Oh, the wonderful world of airsoft!

Thanks again for the tips, guys!

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