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One of my favorite points, is that when you ask; "what's s good starter gun?", we hear; "What's a reliable and affordable platform with which to build a foundation?". Everyone says to buy the King Arms Colt M4A1, due to the cost to reliability, and build ratio. This doesn't mean that it's the only gun on the market; it's just an easy to obtain, affordable platform, that will last for you. As stated in the above thread; "any" gun you but "will" require; upgrading for performance, constant care and maintenance for long use, and repairs because it will break down. When getting into airsoft, ask yourself; "how much money do I have for this"? In a very realistic sense, $500 is starting cost just for your first gun. $300 or so for the reliable platform, and another $200 for a better hop-up, piston, the appropriate spring, barrel, motor, etc. Not to mention, a battery that'll last all day, a charger for that battery, and magazines (as most places are slowly banning high-caps). That's all additional on top of the $500. I won't even mention "good quality" BBs, so you don't crater your gun.

Also; beware of guns that sport high FPS, or accuracy out of the box, and cost less than $800. Those guns are usually made of a lower grade part and/or engineering. Not to mention, they are incredibly hard on themselves, and may crack, break, strip, snap, or just plain wear out quickly.

When asking the question; "What gun should I start with?". Give us some info as well. Things like; your budget, amount of time you play, what weapon(s) interest you, etc. Just be prepared for bad news. Things to be ready for, would include; the gun you want doesn't have a reliable version, an affordable version, or a version that can yet be obtained in Canada. Or things like; you budget is just plain too low for us to offer proper advice, or we tell you that your diluted. "Never ever" enter into airsoft with strong preconceptions. It's almost never like you think it is. It'll always cost more, and be more difficult to get into. If you tell us you have only $200 to start with, I'm going to tell you to buy a pistol and eye protection, then wait till you have enough money to realistically play.

Don't get discouraged my friends! Get yourself a good job to pay for all this stuff, and wait until your eighteen. Then we can really make this easy on you.

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