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Incidentally, I keep seeing people bring up some ludicrous idea about an AEG registry. Nobody on the OASA side of this discussion has tabled, or far as I'm aware even supports such an initiative. Drop it from the whole conversation, because it's a non-starter. We've had that discussion before, and it's never been a generally accepted strategy.

As an aside, I have NOTHING to do with the OASA at any organizational or leadership level - my sole involvement has been to assist Jay with repairs to field equipment. Of course I support the initiative, as it only makes sense to me.

The OASA is not an initiative of mine; by extension, it is not a Wolfpack initiative. I attend events at OASA venues as a Wolfpack member, because thus far the OASA has consistently hosted games at venues that are more to my personal liking.
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what if it model after his?
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