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The general consensus here is that they are a good gun because
1. they are metal 2. the parts are interchangeable with TM parts and are therefore readily available. 3. An m4 is a good starter platform both for versatility and upgradeability. 4. a m4 is an "easy" gun to work on, getting to the mechbox only takes about 5 to 10 minutes. I have 3 friends with them and 2 have been troublefree, the third one .... not so much.

so that is 33% chance of getting a lemon. not good. i wonder how the WE AEG will hold up. personally i think someone just getting into airsoft needs to dip to the hip and get a reliable gun. one that will work good right out of the box and save themselves some heartache. I would never show up to a game with just a KA in hand. I just dont trust them.
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