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Wow, that took a while.

The 9.6v mini battery finally arrived in the mail today - charged it up, plugged it in, and the P90 works just fine! Fired off half a mag with no issues whatsoever. I will update the original post with this new info.

So as it turns out, the issue was the 8.4v simply wasn't strong enough.

One side-note:

The 9.6v mini battery sticks out of the battery compartment by about 2-5mm. Therefore, the buttplate can't re-attach unless the plate is modified (there is a big piece of useless plastic on the inside of the butt plate that is in the way of where the wires would go) or a butt stock extension is applied. This is an issue that can easily be fixed, and I'm not too worried about this small problem.

Anyway, I guess that about does it for this thread - thanks, everyone!
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