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Originally Posted by JanusDP
L(1) If non-OASA members couldn't play at an OASA field, for example. That's a little close to, "If you don't agree with us, the terrorists win." So..none, really.
Why would you do that? By definition, once you play one game at an OASA field, you become a member for a year. You've supported the OASA by attending an OASA organized, sponsored field where a percentage of the field fee goes to the OASA coffers to continue field development. To become a member, you simply play at an OASA field. There isn't any additional fee above that.

If you don't agree to abid by the safety rules or by the boundary rules or the chrony rules, then yes, I can say you would not be welcome at an OASA field. Aside from the confusion and disagreement over sniper velocities, I don't see your average player disagreeing with a set of rules the association puts together and voted on, as they will represent that majority view of how people want the game to be played and by what safety rules need to be abided by.
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