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I am not sure what more I can do to dissuade people from thinking this is some kind of Wolfpack plot. In fact, at first I alienated some of my friends on my team who wanted Plantation to be a Wolfpack-only venue at first, but who later came to understand the OASA concept and now are 100% behind it and have been supportive of the concept.

My teamates deeply involve themselves in my endeavors because they are my friends and they are also my social circle. Wolfpack already has private venues to use for its events - there is no need within our team to yet obtain more 'home fields' we have all we need. We don't have the resources or the time to borg everything - and despite popular opinion, we don't really desire to either.

Am I milsim oriented? yes. But thats just me. The OASA doesn't dictate WHAT gets hosted or played at an OASA field. Themes are entirely a hosts perrogative. If you want to do a "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" game where one half dresses as Ompah Loompahs and the others as factory guards, you can do that. Your attendance will reflect the success or failure of the popularity of your hosting plan. Would I attend a game like that? No, not because I am being mean, but because its just not my version of airsoft.

Also, as said, OASA is run by an elected board. In fact, once it is set up and running, I plan on resigning from it and acting only in an advisory capacity. I cannot do Scouts Canada (I am a contact leader) and run my business as vice president of a medical software firm and meet my responsibilites within Wolfpack, and meet my responsibility as a father to three children - its all too much. OASA will NOT be run by me, it will be run by elected officials within the community. Its not a Wolfpack agenda item, BUT the OASA concept is promoted by Wolfpack because, in essence, its a GOOD idea, people can see that once the concept is understood. It doesn't favor any individual, or team, it doesn't favor any particular hosting idiology or theme, its simply a neutral structure. Despite what people may think, Wolfpack is not 'the dark side' and in fact we do have the good of the community in mind when it comes to issues that face us all. A lot of time we just differ in opinion on how it should be done.

Actually I am glad you brought that up Agit because you've said something others might be thinking but are afraid to voice. No, this isn't a milsim thing, nor is it a Wolfpack plot. Its about making airsoft work better for us and to better leverage all of our limited time for better results, more venues and a sustainable long term strategy that has a succession component to it.
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