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Lengthy, Off-Topic For The Most Part

I have to play into the part of the antagonist on this one.

Being here in Windsor with our tiny little airsoft club, we are used to games with only 10-15 people playing. We're self-reliant for rules and regs (most of ours are rather similar to most of the ontario fields with some exceptions), have a chronometer on hand to verify gun safety, and manage ourselves quite well without any overseeing organization to report to. We count on a 15% no-show rate, and considering that our average turnout is very, VERY lucky to be over 14, it affects us hard if it's more than that.

You GTA, ON/QC guys have it lucky out there with a larger concentration of airsofters and airsoft friendly fields. We've barely got a little patch of land big enough to run around in circles on. (If only we could go over to the Detroit fields or they over here...) So, hosts...account for a last-minute cancellation rate, keep track of people who habitually do it and simply do not extend them any further invitations or require a deposit on confirmation. It's really that easy. Offenders will either learn or run out of places to play.

---this is where I go off-topic, skip if you want.---

Now, things being that simple, (1) what exactly would be the incentive to join the OASA or such? (2) Why was the idea even really brought up in this topic? (3) What could it do to improve attendance? (4) How could it effectively enforce safety? (5) Mostly, what is in it for me? Here's how I see it:

(1) If non-OASA members couldn't play at an OASA field, for example. That's a little close to, "If you don't agree with us, the terrorists win." So..none, really.


(3) As far as I see it, nothing (and likely less than) that individual hosts can't do.

(4) A province-wide registry of all airsoft guns and their chronometric readings? Gee, that'll help because NO ONE EVER UPGRADES AN AEG. Plus it's great to know that somewhere there will be a list with my airsoft stuff listed next to my name just waiting to fall into the hands of some law enforcement agency hell-bent on confiscating every airsoft gun in Canada. These are the things I think about, and I don't need to worry about that shit more than I have to... Oh, and certainly nothing a host and some reliable people couldn't do. The names of idiots, assholes, cheaters and dangerous people spread like wildfire between hosts. Didn't you see the episode of "OSTRACIZED LIKE THE BITCH YOU ARE" that featured Peter Kang?

(5) I don't know. If the organization could do something that I, as an airsofter, could benefit from, then I'd support it. I haven't seen what that is yet...but as we like to don't get something for nothing. Show me what you got.

Of course, in an effort to keep this thread on-topic on the matter of attendance, I'll discuss this further in PM with anyone who cares to agree, disagree, call me a short-sighted assbandit or whatever.

Thanks, and I apologize for the hijacking and ranting. We now return you to your originally scheduled thread.


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