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Yup, except adults are allowed to act like "stupid %#$&s", and other adults can properly deal with them. Just because an adult acts stupid has "absolutely nothing" to do with letting a minor play. That isn't a valid point or argument. As it is individuals that make their way, age aside. Everyone is responsible for their own actions, once one turns of age. Until then it is your legal guardians, teachers, authorities, and communities responsibility for your safety, education, and general well being. So, as a "truly mature" youth, you'd have a very understanding grasp of the legal and safety impacts of the sport. And how the politics of letting minors play takes chances that can hurt the sport for everyone if something bad were to happen. But as a youth if you are pressing to be allowed to play to make yourself feel better, you've proven that you don't understand. This doesn't make someone a bad youth, it just reinforces that they yet lack the maturity and experience to make an informed decision. Being eighteen does not make someone mature, but you've now had an acceptable amount of time to get to where you need to be, and are now legally and morally responsible for your own actions. Which by the way is "very" important. So hopefully you spent your time chasing educational, and healthy pursuits (ya, right!), and not things you want like airsoft.

I believe the reasonable compromise would be something like, but not exact to this: Everyone under the age of majority "must" play in a designated game area amongst their own peers only. They will be supervised by game host trained staff, as well as their parents/guardians. FPS "will" be regulated to be at a "non-dangerous" level strictly (for instance 300FPS or less). All players "must and will" wear all appropriate safety gear; i.e. Boots with at least 6" ankle support. Full face shields with ballistic and or CSA/ANSI ratings (all face wear must cover the eyes, mouth, nose, ears, and temple in full). All players will wear a full neck guard. All airsoft guns used by individuals under the age of eighteen "must and will" have "obvious" identifiers as to separate it without a doubt from any possible real firearm counterpart. Etc, etc, etc.

Just like "any" other sport in this country played by minors.
wtf? I just joined this site and it sounds like lots of immaturity in this thread
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