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Nova Scotia is probably the fastest growing province in the airsoft community. Four years ago there were zero fields in ns. We had a core group called the potato mashers that would drive to new Brunswick every second weekend. There were also a couple unaffiliated people driving up(me included) and a few private games.

Total 2009 nova Scotia airsoft community was approximately 25~30 people. Now there are countless private fields and even a couple of walk on pay fields. Community is probably 200 strong and growing.

Rock the ridge game last August in Annapolis valley had a turnout of around 150, and that in a hurricane. August 5 this year there is the 2012 rock the ridge and I expect over 200. Not bad for a Cote group of 25 dedicated players 4 years ago.

Of course there is a lot of teething with a high noob percentage. Things are mostly good, but not calling hits is a rising problem.

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