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Originally Posted by TKO-Wildcard View Post
1. Trying to return to airsoft, only to find out that some AEGs of a certain brand and type have not gone down in price from 7 years ago. In some cases the price has actually gone up despite the increased competative market.

2. When an airsoft m14 costs more than a real one. I might as well forget about airsoft and shell out for a Hornady reloading press with 45 ACP and .308 dies.

3. Finding out that Hi-Caps arent extinct. Games should limit mags to realistic loadouts with the exception to new gamers who may not have full kit. 30-35 round limit per mag. Anyone running highcaps should remove the mag after 30 rounds and reinsert it.

4. Going to an airsoft store only to be treated like a complete newb when asking for an AEG or gbb that isnt carried in store. No I dont want your overpriced King Arms and Jing Gong stuff thank you very much. Bring the price down a couple hundred and maybe we'll continue to talk.

5. Realizing that the airsoft scene has become more elitest and condescending than ever (on and off the field), especially from people who have no actual experience. Its not about your gear, its not about your kit. It's about the comradery, communication, teamwork, strategy, problem solving in any given scenario, and above all sportsmanship. This problem isnt exclusive to just airsoft. I guess its just a different generation. Good soldiers don't just mock other troops who mess up. They train and mentor those with less experience.
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