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Originally Posted by TV-PressPass View Post
I'm an Alberta-boy with some shameful mall-ninja tendencies. I primarily shoot real lead at steel targets. I love my real guns, but I can't shoot my friends with them, so I'm starting to look more closely at airsoft options.

I know the guys in Red Deer fairly well, so we'll see what my future holds as far as getting out and hitting the bush. Right now I'm just feeling the community out, trying to justify the cost of a new handgun going into a "pretend" rifle.

And now I see the sign saying "post your hellos here and not somewhere else" but that delete button is finickey to find sometimes
in addition to the " shooting your friends" aspect.. Airsoft is an excellent training tool for RS shooters..

you can train holster work, .. and rifle .. transitions .. test out gear for efficiency .. and work close quarters shooting .. all without a trip to the range.. and for a tiny fraction of the cost of ammunition.

for anyone serious about tactical shooting.. you pretty much meed to get into airsoft.. or be independently wealthy to afford the ammunition to do the same things with RS
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