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Oh's my horror story on immaturity and stupidity.

So a while ago, I went to my "local" airsoft store to pick up some parts and some green gas (because I shoot inside my house). So as I was leaving, I see another guy about my age come in (btw that's about 16 years). He is most definitely not 18. He asks to see a WE G39K, the owner's like "OK".

What happens next is that he points it at me. I barely managed to suppress my reflex to grab the barrel, point it away from me, and palm smash his face. (I have crazy fast reflexes BTW)

The next thing he does is WALK OUTSIDE THE STORE AND START POINTING IT AT PEOPLE WALKING BY. At this point, I decide to leave and behind me I can hear the store owner starting to yell at him.

I'm so tempted to say "Kids these days", but he was about my age so all I could say was "Dumbass."
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