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Here's what works for me, YMMV.
I carry 2, 1 qt canteens with me, both of which start out half water and half ice, and I keep a 5 gallon cooler in the car that is half ice half water, when both canteens are empty, or close to it, I refill next time I'm at the respawn, every 3rd canteen I throw in a small fast food joint pack of salt and use that for electrolyte restoration (in a 12 hour day I'll go through 6-7 quarts of water). I carry several carb gels, or energy beans with me and use one every 2nd canteen, and I carry some jerky, and Clif bars with me to snack on, and I will break after around 5-6 hours and get a good full meal into me (a mix of protein and carbs, as well as some sugar). I always keep a pack of wine gums with me as a treat for the end of the day on the ride home, just to restore some sugars, and I keep several NuuN tablets with me for emergency use if needed.
It's worked for me for years, but every person is different, and will need to find their own balance.
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