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for as long as this discussion can be had with opinions tossed back and forth..nothing can really be addressed outside of a community meeting/picnic/beerfest/whatever.

i for one am with those who would support an organization that can represent a more professional, venue/public friendly face. this community is made up of a HUUUUUUUUGE melting pot of professional skills ranging from burger flipping to law enforcement to marketing..and the list goes on. now...given that should these people be willing to volenteer time from busy personal schedules, how could this be a truely bad thing? like it or not our "underground" sport or hobbie as people might prefer will inevitably come to light with the soccer moms and anti-gun yuppies alike. if this proposed collective of members can be an organized and potentially influential representation of something that we all love and devote large amounts of resources to as opposed to a rag tag bunch of psychopathic combat junky wanabe's than why not try it? i like the idea of a potential "face" to the name Airsoft instead of the imagery of just a bb gun. i like the idea of having an organization with the skill resources availible to combat our lovely public media even more.

i would however like to see all that in writing or at least a collective development. almost a proposal if you will. i woulndt curse any one particular person to hold or host or prep such a meeting but i doubt that my attendance would be in question if someone did. and for what it's worth, i very much respect those that are willing to give up their time and effort to try this as well as those that would just sit back, collect and/or play casually.

oh...and as for the attendance issue. i vote for public flogging of the chronic inconsiderate sort of offenders. maybe an airsoft court system? *points at tax*..."you sir are charged with being 3 apples tall!"
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