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Originally Posted by mmmken View Post
Has anyone had experience bringing canned Chef Boyardee and eating it cold?

They're so much cheaper than MRE/IMP's ($1 versus up to $10 for Mountain House stuff), and taste basically the same. They're easy to carry, and many are not pop-top's so no tool is required. The only two negatives I can think of are: cold meal (but then again, in the middle of summer this isn't so much a problem), and harder to dispose (but then again, you'd need to dispose of a MRE/IMP package just the same).

So why aren't people doing taking this route? Enlighten me?
Wouldn't be anything new, lots of people eat them cold. I prefer to heat the things up as I find they are more enjoyable to eat but everything in the can is pre-cooked so you don't need to heat it. Just keep some garbage bags in your base and toss them into one when done eating.

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