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Well lets face it. There are many in our country who feel that a bunch of mature people running around shooting each other with anything is quite immature, sadistic or just plain stupid. And what do we say to those people?

Now we have airsofters divided on something that is in the eyes of others completely useless.

Let the kids play. Who cares. I wont go where the environment isn't conducive to what i want to get out of the sport.

Even so i still see "mature" people not calling hits and acting like kids on the field over something that shouldn't matter.

Ive even had adults get pissed at me for not providing them covering fire when i couldn't get my head up longer than a second as we were outnumbered 5 to 2.

So ya age does play a role, but lets not forget that everyone over 18 isn't a guarantee at fair mature play and neither are those under a guarantee for asinine tactics and stupidity.

I love the sense of realism this sport offers. But i certainly don't want to talk about Pokemon cards between rounds.
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