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I agree whisper_kill that in person airsofters generally tend to be some of the friendliest ppl I meet.

But at the same time if "any" association were to start monopolising fields and games for members only games it could have the same effect as someone just comming out and saying "haha I'm a meber and you're not:P".

Not to say that this would be the case with what ppl are planning but it's just something that indy players might be thinking.

(agreed Lisa, if I have anything else to post on the association I'll do so in the appropriate thread)

On the attendance subject I can see chronic cancelers being black balled from games at least for an amount of time.
Chronic offenders being ppl without a slightly reasonable excuse for doing so over and over or never giving an appropriate notice when not showing up.
It might be tough to judge who might deserve a temporary game ban though.
But a pre payment idea might just be enough to stop it from happening anyways.
Maybe some hosts would choose to deal with it one way and others might choose another way to handle it.

I know I sure don't envy the game hosts for having to deal with such a complex problem on top of the hard work they do allready.
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