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Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
My hydration prep begins the night before the game.. I will buy a 6 pack of gatorade, refrigerate 2-3 and freeze the rest.
Yeah that's actually key. you can help with staying hydrated by first being hydrated. Good suggestion.

Also if you feel nauseous it's a super bad sign.
A couple games ago I had a blast. 6 hours in the sun, just a poptart and a granola bar in my stomach and a canteen of water for the whole day. By dinner time I was so fucked up I couldn't even eat despite being ravenous. Thank god for beer...a little liquid bread helps. Actually serious about that. I've seen it done after triathlons. Mind you that was like 1989 - haha.

In the most extreme cases of lots of sweating/loss of electrolytes, gatorade will not replenish all of them. Basic sports drinks only have salt, poweraide has a bit of potassium.

You also need magnesium and calcium... in extreme cases, I have supplement tablets for the rest
interesting, I didn't know all that. Have any suggestions that encompass all those nutrients in one drink?
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