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We've gotten way off topic on attendance here.

I'm not sure the most effective way to do the attenance thing, I suppose some one could create an online database that you enter everyone that didn't show into the database and the game they didn't show for. to prevent abuse hosts would have to log in and register their game ahead of time.

as for the association... what I would like to see is the association basicly set guidelines (not rules) for games, secure locations to play on and possibly be a repository for props.

I'm sure OASA could do this with an elected board and we basicly already have game guidelines already, almost the exact same rules are posted on every game thread with minor variations to fps and goggles depending on location and training.

I am not interested in the association contacting the gvt, mind you the snowmobilers did get more rights when they banded together, but one step at a time.
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