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Has anyone ever been made to feel like a dog at a game thus far? Same people would be managing the games/fields no doubt, but in a much more organized fashion... so by proxy nothing would change in terms of people being made to feel like dogs. I'm sure membership would have its privelages by default (slightly cheaper fees for members at large games?), but that doesn't mean non-members are treated unfairly or ignored or singled out or any other type of social castration you can think of.

If independent players feel "overshadowed" by the bigger teams, it's simply a by-product of a group of individuals who play, train and socialize with one another. I've never been to a game where you can't walk up to a group players on the same team, sit down and shoot the proverbial shit. It just doesn't happen in the field... only online!

Come on folks, this is a no-brainer.
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