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I'm relatively new to the airsoft community and don't realy stand on either side of the fence as far as an association is concerened. (depends how extensive the whole thing would be I guess)
As long as it's fairly simplistic about basic membership.
I think an association built to keep the community organised and always keep gaming safely and perpetually going and growing would be great.
I don't however see registering guns and upgrades ect. ect. as being feasable, just because it's taking a basic recreation a little farther than many may be willing to go.

This is of course only an oppinion and may verry well be wrong.

As far as having an organised association to handle games and finding more venues ect. with fees and whatever benefits, I think only time can tell how large it would grow.
I personally wouldn't mind being a part of such a community and a minor membership fee wouldn't bother me seeing as how much I already spend on the sport and any benefits of being a member would be exactly that beneficial to me.
At the same time I think said association would be able to handle attendance issues of any members that are a part of said association.

I think that the biggest problem comes in when ppl start to think about,
"What if I'm not a member of the association?"
"Does this mean I can't go to there games?"
"Does it leave me as some sort of outcast or minority if it grows large enough?"

I just think that for players who might not make it out to many games (whether it be due to location/driving circumstances or the fact that they just feel a couple of games per season is enough for them) these may be some of the concerns.

Kind of like the whole elite among the association situation, but from the aspect of someone who is not a member
"Will association members be the community "elite" leaving me a lowly dog of a non member airsofter?" lol

These are just some questions that came to mind, ofcourse there may be more that others can think of that haven't come to me,and I think they should be braught up to help advance this specific discussion.

I am only trying to bring up ideas that have come to mind, and in no way am trying to belittle anyones views or oppinions on either side of the discussion.
I'm just trying to move it foreward a little.
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